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Meaning of Tarot Card

Many have speculated, but nobody knows the true origin of tarot cards. What we have for the historical remains are bridges that have survived the 15th century in Italy. At that time, they were used in card games, with games being individually drawn and painted and often ordered by wealthy customers. In the eighteenth century, they were picked up by occult scholars, and their ideas and models were recognized for their influence on certain areas and features of life. From this rediscovery arose the modern interpretation of tarot cards as a tool to guess the future according to the distributed maps.

The tarot card game consists of 78 cards in two specific groups. A group called “Major Arcana” consists of 22 maps of specific numbers and patterns related to common areas of life or existence. The other 56 cards in the game are divided into four groups, represented by cups, chopsticks, swords and pentagrams. Each of these groups refers to how a person has to do with life.

How do tarot cards work?

The first thing you should know is that there are actually two different types of tarot readings: interrogative readings and open readings. Tarot should not answer certain questions with yes or no. Most say that it should not be used to make decisions, but rather as a guide to help you make the decision yourself. For that reason, it is very important to formulate a question.

How Tarot cards work:

Keep your options open:

If you have received the answer before reading, do not allow the cards to determine your general decision. Bunning offers this example: to ask how you can get your mother-in-law to move rather than ask you how to get along better with it, you need to narrow the scope of the actual question by answering it before you even get it to begin.

Find the best level of detail:

Your question should be targeted, but not too detailed. Rather than looking at an aspect of a problem, you should find a way to deepen the problem. Instead of asking how you can make your family life less chaotic, for example, ask how you can better balance family plans. It is a targeted question. However, do not go so far as to ask how you can coordinate baseball, soccer, and Cub Scout schedules while keeping family time too detailed. Just add the minimum amount of detail needed to express what you want to learn from the cards.

Concentrate on yourself:

If reading is right for you, make sure that your question is focused on you and not on another that you think is the cause of your problem. For example, ask your teen why he’s experimenting with drugs. He counts, not you.

Stay neutral:

Your question should not convey a preconceived idea that your viewpoint is necessarily the right one. For example, ask why your work at home is more important than your spouse is not neutral. It is neutral to ask how you can get more co-operation from your spouse in the housework.

Be positive:

Instead of asking why a particular event did not happen, ask what you can do to make that event an event.

Open reading deals with general issues rather than a specific problem or problem. They are usually completed when you enter a new phase of your life. You may want to read a bit if you want to cover a general area, such as career or health, but it is as specific as the orientation allows.

Can Tarot cards reading predict the future?

When it comes to tarot card predictions, it’s easy to see that this is not a phase. It has existed for thousands of years and slowly wins the world. It is a way for spiritual leaders to help people, to use their advice, their intuition and a stack of cards.

With tarot card predictions, you can predict almost anything, including many future events in your life. If you have already read a map, you know how much fun this experience can be. This is especially true because tarot forecasts can be so accurate that they can numb the average person.

Man has always been fascinated by the prediction of the future. Man used a variety of tools to achieve this performance. Cartomancy is one of those arts. For centuries, maps have been searched to predict the future, even though modern tarot games are not much older than 200 years.

But how do tarot cards help the fortuneteller predict the future are listed below:


A typical tarot deck consists of 78 cards, of which 22 are decorated with figures that form the large arcane, and 46 others, which are divided into four colors with 14 cards each, the smaller arcana. Each card has its own meaning and symbolism. The small arcane represents the four elements of fire (chopsticks), air (swords), earth (pentagrams or coins) and water (cups) and the 22 large arcana represent various aspects of our journey through life and spiritual progress. Each card tells a story about itself, so that its meanings and position in relation to the rest of the distribution can give us important information about the future.


Some questions can be solved by simply mixing a Tarot game and selecting a single card. However, tarot readings are usually presented in the form of more complex pages, with multiple maps used in specific locations to tell a story and tell stories to answer a question from the petitioner. Some tarots are used to predict the future and to show how events evolve over time, while others simply describe a situation and what happens, or influences that affect what remains to be done. Where a map falls into a gap and whether it is upside down or not, the image of the future will shape, as it seems probable.

A typical tarot reading

In a typical tarot reading, the applicant first formulates a question for himself or for another person. It is not necessary to speak aloud, but it can be helpful if someone else reads the spread. Based on this question, a gap is selected and the entire tarot deck or a subset thereof is mixed. Some people mix and distribute the cards while others surround them with rituals related to tarot symbology. After the cards have been mixed and selected, they are put into a specific order according to the distribution, and the reader and the requester (if they are two different persons) use their meaning to compile a story that may describe the future or a potential situation.


The most common opinion among tarot practitioners is that tarot cards are not meant to convey a detailed picture of a future in eternal change. The different tarot differences describe the flow and the energy differences that affect a situation, but ultimately, the free will of the plaintiff will create a special future, either by accepting the advice of the cards or by a completely different path. The tarot does not tell you the winning numbers of the lottery this week. However, it can point out that if you do not buy a ticket you will never win. A true reading of the tarot does not tell you what the future holds for you, but gives you the tools to make it what you want.

Some readings, such as the Celtic crucifictarot, can be used to answer a very specific question or give a general overview of the situation and its evolution over time, while others are preferable to an overview of the current situation, and what could be their natural evolution if nothing changes? However, the future is still in your hands, and you can ignore or respond to the Tarot’s advice or even be inspired to make a completely different choice based on your personal knowledge and the message of the cards.

Tips for a successful Tarot card reading

  • Never let the classic meaning of a card dominate your intuition when you first saw the card during that reading. Even if it is the opposite!
  • And if you feel that a card does not have the classic interpretation of reading, but your intuition does not help you either? Take out an additional Klärkarte.
  • Change the question if you come to the conclusion that this is not so useful. Sometimes we are our own enemies because we do not really know what we want.
  • Do not use a system to learn the cards. Read as many writers as possible and choose the style or even a combination of styles that suits you best. For many beginners, one card per day is simply boring for 78 days, killing all the beauty of the tarot. You can read from the first day if you want. In fact, you can do anything you want! Forget the rules! Open your mind, your heart, your mind and you would be surprised that you’re a winner.
  • Choose the right program for your question, but do not hesitate to develop one specifically for your solution.
  • Always remember that you can be wrong. And if you’re wrong, let’s say it’s okay. But what about the others you read about? Never make sure your prognosis is 100%. It is an unprofessional fraud, only commercial. The future is fluid and the delays are about as everyone knows. Do not think that you are less good when you admit that you cannot “read” a situation. This happens to all professional readers. Some admit, others do not.

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