Lotus Tarot

What is Lotus Tarot? How to Get Tarot Readings with Good Tarot Reader?

So What is Lotus Tarot?

Alison Day, the orignal creator of the Lotus Tarot site, created the Lotus Tarot deck of cards to go along with her own unique style of reading Tarot. The lotus tarot cards are based on the traditional tarot cards of the Rider-Waite deck, but has their own new meanings and images. This version also features 78 divine cards with 22 cards representing the Major Arcana and the other 56 cards indicating the Minor Arcana. What’s about the meaning of each card? Depending on the clients’ situation and energy, the fortune teller will know which kind of message is appropriate to deliver. It’s true that receiving a Lotus Tarot Reading will help you gain clarity and comfort in a life clouded with confusion at a point of time.

What Benefits You Can Expect from Lotus Cards?

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In our daily life; obviously, you have to frequently deal with tough challenges and obstacles all by yourself. It will be much better if you can get help from spiritual guides or angels, right? Having free automatic readings with descriptions allows you to earn the delightful answers instantly for what you have always been curious about. Also, it will give you a fast explanation of what the cards mean in comparison to what you’re dealing with. The only bad thing with automated Tarot card readings is – you can’t interact with an actual human reader who enables to pick up on emotions or use any type of divination to deliver the answers you look for.

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For those who need to keep everything privte and ask for private reading with a precise psychic could be a perfect choice. Below are the advantages you will gain after exchanging info with and receiving the genuine guidance from the reader:

  • Clarity – as humans beings, we have a tendency often to avoid the bitter truth. Sometimes, we don’t know why issues have occurred and how to solve them. The spiritual advice from the reading will lift the fog and offer a clear view on your current circumstance and future.
  • Bring attentions to areas that need work – thanks to the clarity, you’re able to see which areas of your life should be improving right now. Take full advantage of the insights to change your life and shape your best possible future.
  • Make wise decisions – we all have difficult decisions to make in life; but we sometimes have no idea about what to do. Tarot definitely won’t tell you a definite yes/no answer; instead, its information can guide you and ease the decision making process.
  • Give you peace – fear is the biggest barrier to peace within people. Though a Tarot reading can’t tell you exactly what would happen to your future as well as answer all your questions, its information might clear away your fear and find your inner peace.

Differences Found in the Lotus Cards

Other than the cards being photoshopped real-life images that reimagine the traditional Rider-Waite Deck, there were a few tweaks made in the Major Arcana which echo the BODA Deck.

The tweaks:

  • The death card depicts death as a bare skeleton with a scythe with a red sky in the background inspite of an armored knight on a horse carrying a banner.
  • The sun card depicts two nude children standing in a field of sunflowers instead of a nude child on a horse carrying a red banner with the sun shining down.