Ten Of Cups: Understanding The Tarot

Free tarot readings have become popular all over the net. There are many other branches of astrology prevalent – the Indian/Vedic astrology system, the western astrological system, Chinese astrology, Celtic astrology, numerology, forehead, foot reading and palmistry. But out of all this, strangely, Tarot cards have acquired the largest popularity. People love to know about their future by reading of tarot cards.
If she is able to tell her friends about one of the unique gifts that you sent to her, or the cheap tarot reading cards that predicted romance for the two of you she is likely to get a much different reaction. Her friends will think that it was a sweet gesture and likely ask about you. Reassurance from her friends only means that you have a greater chance of success.
Psychics and soothsayers have been using their clairvoyant ability since times immemorial. In one of the earliest recorded cases ids of a dull witted peasant Victor Race, who would go into trance and see visions wherein he would speak fluently and intelligently. He would even diagnose not only his own disease but also of other patients and suggest prescriptions as well. And then he would forget every thing after he came out of his trance. The same behavior was later on exhibited by the well known Psychic Edgar Cayce.
A great many people have energetic gifts for you. You will find them by not stagnating on one person. You will find them by spreading your energy and not focusing too intently on the one or ones who are clearly elsewhere emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That is to say, don’t obsess over any one individual person. Don’t give them the power over you to decide if you get to be happy or not. That tarot card reading is ridiculous.
In my view, an authentic psychic is a combination of both clairvoyant and counselor, intuitive and inspirational advisor, and you should seek out and ONLY select psychic, mediums and intuitive’s who inspire and EMPOWER you to live a life you love. Remember, at the very core of belief in psychics is the idea that there is much more to ALL of our lives than that which meets the eye. That there is a different dimension… a spiritual element to each of us that often goes unrecognized, and sadly, unfulfilled. If a good psychic or medium does one thing well, it’s to remind you of that fact, and to help inspire your imagination about what is truly possible.
Also convey the meaning of the card and inform him that things may change as per the situation and the movement of the stars. These are predictions but human fate is controlled by “immanent will” and is subject to come under any kind of influences. You can only predict the future but you cannot assure him about his fate.
Being pure spirit it is able to see all of its mistakes, opportunities missed, and regrets made but the one passed also sees its acts of kindness and compassion acted out while living here on the earth plane. It does not judge but merely wants to evolve and to learn as the spirit needs to grow. This all happens during the life review, after death, in the afterlife zone.
The first thing to remember about reading cards professionally, is that your client can tell if you’re sincere or not. You’ve got to be sincere. You’ve got to truly want the best for your client.
She cut the cards and read them for me. This was the result. There were two good things in the reading. The people that I worked with liked me and I had a mate that was going to go through everything with me in the future. The rest was, my worst fears would come true. My family would fall apart. There was institutions and hospitals or prisons for someone in my family, continuously. Basically everything that could possibly happen that was bad would happen. I left on that light note. She was smug and satisfied with her horrendous, dismal forecast.