Reading The Runes – A Contemporary Oracle From Viking Times

Reading the tarot consistently well requires a lot of practice and dedication. This guide is meant to help those who have already learned the basics of how to layout the tarot cards, that is, how to perform the physical, mechanical act involved in tarot card readings.
Astrological spread: This spread uses twelve as posted here that are placed in a circle shape. Another card is placed in the middle of those twelve cards.
This is considered divine by certain people. They also believe that these tarot reading s predict the future based on the energy level of the person. Spirituality says that each person possesses some vibrations within them. The person with positive vibration is said to attain much more success in their life. Even in positive vibrations they classify many such as active or passive. Tarot reading is not a minor thing which can be put down in words in this small page. It requires 100s of papers to pen down about it.
As someone who has seen, written about and RESEARCHED psychics for over 20 years, I’ve found that some of my WORST readings actually came at the hands of some of the most expensive psychics! And one of my FAVORITE readings cost $18.00.and was SO good it blew me away.

What do you say to a person who says “Tarot is sinful, and it is all about death and the devil”? How do you explain to the person that tarot is an encyclopaedia of life, and one of the richest sources of information about our existence on this earth?
Sookie and Lorraina have a verbal spat when things get out of hand. Sookie is lying on a table with Lorraina’s fangs out and almost on Sookie neck when Godric saves her. Godric wants peace and Lorraina hadn’t learned anything in all her centuries as a vampire. Bill escorts her out of the house and Lorraina cries to him that she still loves him. Bill tells her they will never meet again. In the book, Sookie stakes her and dumps her body in a covered swimming pool. That would have been more interesting and more justice.
As far as the information you should expect to gain is concerned any reputable reader will tell you that you have free will. Any divination of the future that you receive is not fixed. It will be based on your current state of mind and decisions you have made and are making that day. The psychic reading may give you insight into possible causes and effects, but, more importantly, it will give you insight to act upon these. It may be that as a result of the psychic reading you gain knowledge that allows you to make positive changes to your future.
This event leads to the events or situation depicted in the near past. The timing on this card is anywhere between the original event (far past) and this very moment.
With the very important role of being a voice for the spiritual realm, a psychic medium can relay messages to you from spirit guides and angels. These messages are also relayed to your in terms or ways that you can easily grasp and understand, because a psychic medium is gifted with the ability to decipher what is being told to them by higher beings.
As you work with the Tarot cards you will find that their imagery speaks a special language to you. That language is based on your experience and the meaning that you bring both consciously and unconsciously. As you learn that language your experience will deepen.