Practical Guidelines To Working With The Tarot – Part 3 – Work With Intention

Okay. So one part of me sees only possibilities in that scenario – Wow, choices, new things, new roads, new…. And then another part – Gremlin Voice soaked for sure – screams Other shoe dropping! Any minute now! Watch out for falling shoes! And I look around me, furtively, searching each car that passes by, each person who passes by, each word that passes by, for a clue. For a sign. For impending disaster.
What if, even though I think I`ve been on the Highway of Love all this time, I`m really only on a side road? What if I`m not even on a road? What if I`ve been going in circles?
Listen for concise and specific information during the free call portion. If they are vague, drag it out and say they need more time to get more answers, move on. An authentic psychic will be able to give clear and concise information in a few minutes.
You see It’s quite important for us too to have a decent and sensible conversation with a real woman once in a while – not just conversations about calories or how heartbreaking and sad it is that Brittney s life’s gone down the pan .
When someone wants a card read for them, they are probably feeling a blockage, and need some clarification. I was taught not to pay attention to card reversals, and Amanda also does not, but said that reversals can be a signature to pay attention to a message involved with what is already blocked. So a reversal need not be interpreted as a calamity. In fact, I was taught always to see the cards as a sign post to my subconscious mind.
Of course, we’d better notice that it is important to respect people’s feelings. Each question should be regarded with respect. Most tarot can work best if the questions are simply phrased and to-the-point. It might be very ideal when the click here question focuses on one issue. It’s better to do second tarots for that question when the people want to ask about an additional issue.
When you work for a phone-based company, you must have a dedicated phone line with no add-on’s like call waiting. Log in to the company’s computer when you want to work, and sit by the phone with your cards during the time you are logged in.
Psychics have been predicting for thousands of years. You have probably noticed yourself that sometimes out of the blue, the phone rings and you just know who is on the end of it. That is a sign that your psychic awareness is working and this is what true psychics are like most of the time when they do your tarot card reading.
When it comes to relationships, a difficult trying time is over and you can both enjoy the insights and perspective this has brought. You are now free to bring out the best in each other and enjoy the differences between you.
So the way a psychic helps you is by making you aware of potential futures and giving you the ability to go forward with that as guidance. If you know the bad things that may take place you can work to avoid them and if you know the good things that will take place you can work positively towards them.