How Does A Beginner Start Down The Path And Learn To Read Tarot Cards?

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As the cards are pulled, have the person lay them down on the table in the order of the spread you’ve selected (see picture for reference). Once all of the cards are laid out on the table, you can begin the reading. Here is a brief overview of the card meanings, as related to the picture “Celtic Cross 10 Card Spread”.
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Before you shuffle the cards, you need to decide on the purpose of your reading. In order for your subconscious to be able to offer a definitive answer to any query, it needs to be channelled through a simple, clearly defined, unambiguous question. You need to be able to hold a clear question in your mind if you want your subconscious to be able to give some straightforward direction. Therefore, you must work out in your mind the basic essence of the question for which you would like an answer.
You have got to ritually make holy your deck which will be encompass through several magical ways like enrage, saline, a candle, a cup of water and the tool to be sanctified. This entire procession would keep your free tarot card reading safe and sound.
Each individual tarot card should be thought of like a letter of the alphabet. By itself it has a sound and a meaning. Your first step to learning tarot should be to read up on what each card means by itself if it stands alone. This article isn’t about what each one of the 50+ cards means alone; that sort of memorization can be learned on your own. Once you’ve learned the meanings of all the stand alone tarot cards you’ve essentially mastered the alphabet, and you now know their sounds and meanings. That isn’t reading though. reading is when you’re able to put all of those sounds together and to make sense of what you’re seeing. This is where we move onto the important concept of tarot card spreads.
Cartmonancy developed from tarot reading, just as our modern playing card deck evolved from the Tarot deck. With the discarding of the twenty-two Major Arcana cards, decks became simpler to produce and became a common feature of most households. An oral tradition of the meanings of cards in a reading was developed, and passed down through the years. The meanings presented here are the ones most generally recorded from written sources.
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