Discover What You Need To Know About Psychic Powers

Are you thinking about getting a phone tarot reading? Curious how much different the tarot is over the telephone, versus going to see someone face to face? Is it harder to read, interpret or position the cards? And what are the advantages of having a tarot reading done “blind”? (i.e. – with you NOT in the same room as the psychic, intuitive or clairvoyant doing the actual reading) If you are anything like I once was, and passionate about everything psychic, intuitive and just plain “cool” to explore, a tarot reading should be tops on your list of psychic experiences to have.
The first thing to remember about reading cards professionally, is that your client can tell if you’re sincere or not. You’ve got to be sincere. You’ve got to truly want the best for your client.
This is why dream interpretation is a very crucial act. By finding out the meanings of our dreams, we are doing ourselves a favor. We can’t help but make assumptions when it comes to “signs” in our dreams. From the olden days, dreams have been regarded as portents, as warning signs, as special messages, as promises of good things to come.
Now for my own children it was very different. Since I was already a psychic I think that my understanding of the gift and being able to explain what things were was very helpful. Let’s take my son for example. I remember when he was 4 he asked me if he could have some ice cream. I said sure! He said to me “You are the best mom ever, much better than my last mom.” He continued, ” But she was only my mom in one lifetime you have been my mom in 4 lifetimes. My dad was not the same dad that I have in this lifetime. He was a different dad, he used to chop wood a lot!” This was my first clue! However, children can have clear past life memories and not be psychic.
Keep a journal of your readings. Write down questions or observations. This will help you analyze your progress and develop your ideas. Simply seeing the words on paper, and/or trying to put our thoughts to paper can be a big help in figuring out the answers we seek.
For centuries, psychics and online tarot reading card readers were thought to be a phony, a gimmick. During the 18th century, those with true powers would keep them suppressed as those powers were seen as evil and criminal. Today, just as it were then, there are fakes and con-artist that will take advantage of a person in a weak moment and time of their life, and offer a reading into their future.
I’ll never top that story, or get such a strong reaction from a listener again. I am too calm and settled. It sucks from a stand up comedy perspective.
You may answer – I`m in love! I couldn`t be happier! Or I`m safe and fine, I don`t need a relationship, I don`t need someone else to love me, I love myself just plenty. Or I don`t have time for all this. I`m busy I`m tooling down my road just fine and Rori what do you tarot card reading know about it anyway?
We should also take time to develop our potentials. Developing our potentials can lead to other opportunities we never knew existed. We should master whatever is at our disposal.
Once you have their card on top, place the deck behind your back, or under the table. Then quickly take their card out, flip it over, and place it back in the deck, so it’s facing the opposite direction of all the other cards. Then pretend that you can’t guess their card, and get them to tell you which one it was. Then simply look through the deck, now with the cards face up, and there’s will be the only card that is face down. This is only a few ways to reveal their card, I’m sure you can think of many others. The more you can talk up your psychic powers of deduction before this trick, the better. You’ll have a stunned audience in no time, wanting to see more tricks. Have fun with this.